Teen Shoots Deer In Living Room

Frederick, MD. – On December 5, 2016 Maryland teenager Ryan Manchester grabbed his phone and started recording.  In a post on Twitter Manchester said “So today a deer broke into my house. After calling 911 I shot it twice in home defense”

Manchester posted photos of him and the deer and of course the Internet started the hate.  This is one of the only post suitable for publishing.

Many posters did not consider that the teen was in real danger. According to studies deer will attack humans when panicked or during mating season.

Deer will attack humans under a variety of circumstances with bucks being most likely to attack during rut, their mating season, and does readily attacking humans in order to defend their fawns. Bucks may attack without apparent reason and their sharp, tough antlers can cause gruesome injuries or even death in some extreme cases, while all deer have dangerous razor-sharp hooves and can kick with great force. Source: www.reference.com

For some the race of the teen seemed to play a part in the incident.

‏@Buffetgirls What’s wrong w people
‏@SuspendedShaaa God I hate white people

Other posters were more understanding.

@drewcarter99 what does being white have anything to do with him killing a deer in his house?


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