Delaware 10th District Voters Head To The Polls, Video

Newark – In a steady stream, voters of Delaware’s 10th District are turning out to decide control of the state senate.

Yvette and Donald Clark
Yvette and Donald Clark

Newark residents Yvette and Donald Clark, who voted at Hodgson Vo-Tech in Glascow, said their votes for Hansen were to keep the Delaware State Senate in the hands of the Democrats. When asked if they have a message for Hansen, Donald said that he wanted Hansen to “Govern for all of the people.”

Candidate For State Senate, John Marino has spent the morning traveling to polling place across the district, shaking hands and talking with voters. A task made easier when state election officials combined several of the districts polling places for this special election.

Marino Speaks With Joyce Sparks of Newark
Marino Speaks With Joyce Sparks of Newark

We caught up with Marino at a very busy McVey Elementary in Newark. In front of the school cars lined the street on both sides and the parking lot was almost as full.

We asked Marino what he wanted to say to voters today. Marino said that he hopes that voters make a statement today and try to bring some balance back to state government.

Joyce Sparks  of Newark gave Marino a big hug and offered to help him in any way she could. A very positive vibe.

Lindsey Lipko and Brooke Adams
Lindsey Lipko and Brooke Adams

Lindsey Lipko and Brooke Adams, also at Hodgson, who describe themselves as leaning to the left, said they believe today’s elections has implication beyond the state. Adams wanted to make it clear that she doesn’t want Hansen, if elected, to govern so far to the left that she can’t work with the other party. Lipko adding “the Democratic party and Hansen need to listed to young people.”

Marino Speaks To Pastor Bill Schlonecker
Marino Speaks To Pastor Bill Schlonecker

If your kids play Upward Football in Newark you probably recognize the guy hugging Marino. Pastor Bill Schlonecker, of Bible Fellowship Church of Newark, gave Marino a strong handshake and a big bear hug as he headed into vote.



Poole Family
Poole Family L-R Brian, Alex. Colin, Maria

The Poole Family, of Newark, who admittedly are no fans of President Trump, said that the election is important for the area. Brian Poole added “Don’t Screw It Up”, referring to his choice of Hansen.

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We will have election result live as they come in.

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