Pilot From This Morning’s Plane Crash Identified

Sandtown – The Delaware State Police, Federal Aviation Administration, and the National Transportation Safety Board are continuing their investigation into an aircraft crash that occurred southwest of Sandtown earlier this morning, according to authorities.

Officials said the preliminary investigation has determined that the incident occurred at approximately 9:20 a.m. this morning, Wednesday July 19, 2017, as Robert E. Waring, 52 of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, was operating a 1964 Grumman G-164 fixed wing single engine crop duster over a corn field in the 900 block of Mahan Corner Road (Papen Farms). After spraying the corn, Waring began to pull the plane up and clipped some electrical wires on the west side of the roadway, according to police. This caused the pilot to lose control of the aircraft and crash into a bean field on the west side of Mahan Corner Road.

Robert Waring was extricated from the aircraft by members of the Marydel Fire Company and initially transported by EMS to Bayhealth Kent General Hospital before being flown to Christiana Medical Center where he is currently listed in critical condition.

Delaware Department of Natural Resources responded to the scene due to the pesticides and insecticides that were being carried on the aircraft as well as members of the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

Image Credits: DSP

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