Delaware Gas Prices Continue To Rise Due To Hurricane, Holiday Weekend

Gas prices have jumped over the Labor Day weekend. The holiday weekend combined with Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath is driving gas prices higher. Officials said that approximately 20 percent of refinery capacity along the Texas Gulf Coast is currently offline. The national average for regular gas is $2.64 a gallon, that’s 27 cents higher than a week ago.

Delaware gas average at $2.69 today, up 2 cents overnight and up 49 cents in the last week.

Current Regional Gas Prices

Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware Maryland
Monday 2.85 2.77 2.69 2.72
Sunday 2.83 2.74 2.67 2.71
Saturday 2.79 2.67 2.63 2.66
Friday 2.7 2.55 2.5 2.54

Historical Delaware Gas Prices

Regular Unleaded Delaware
Current avg. price per gallon 2.69
Yesterday avg. 2.67
One week ago avg. 2.2
Month ago avg. 2.3
Year ago avg. 2.13
Highest avg. in 2016 2.53 (12/31/16)
Highest avg. in 2015 2.76 (6/18/15)
Highest avg. in 2014 3.68 (4/28/14)
Highest avg. recorded 4.07 (6/18/08)

Source: AAA Mid-Adlantic

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