House Fire Near Newport Was An Accident, According To Fire Marshals

Wilmington – The Delaware Office of the State Fire Marshal has ruled that yesterday’s fire in Wilmington, Delaware that destroyed a home was accidental.

The blaze, reported shortly after 3:00 pm, occurred in the 100 block of South Laura Court in the Boxwood development. The Five Points Fire Company arrived with flames shooting from the rear of the dwelling.

State fire investigators responded to the scene and completed the investigation. The fire erupted in the kitchen on the stove top when cooking materials ignited after being left unsupervised, according to the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Heavy fire damage was estimated at $150,000.

Update – 1

Wilmington – This afternoon, at approximately 3:10 pm, New Castle County Paramedics (NCP) and personnel from Minquas, Cranston Heights, Elsmere, Five Points, Good Will, Belvedere, Christiana, Mill Creek and Wilmington Manor Fire Companies were dispatched to the 100 block of South Laura Court for a house fire, according to NCCP Spokesman Senior Corporal David J. McKinney, Jr.

McKinney said arriving fire department personnel encountered heavy fire conditions and immediately went to work. New Castle County Paramedics evaluated a 46-year-old male for burns to the legs and feet and possible airway burns.

He was transported to the Emergency Department at Christiana Hospital on board an ambulance from the Minquas Fire Company with New Castle County Paramedic accompanying. A male firefighter was transported to the Emergency Department at Christiana Hospital on board an ambulance from the Elsmere Fire Company for evaluated of minor burns to the hands.

Another firefighter was evaluated on scene for a hand injury, but refused transport to the hospital. During fire scene operations, County Paramedics and fire department personnel attempted to revive a dog with chest compressions and ventilations, but were unsuccessful in their attempt.

Original Breaking Release

Wilmington – Fire crews from across New Castle County are responding to the 100 block of S Laura Court in Wilmington for reports of a home on fire.

Arriving crews announced heavy smoke and quickly changing that to heavy fire from the rear. All family members are out of the home. Crews are searching the home for the family’s dog.

Reports indicate that two people have been transported to area hospitals, including the home owner and a contractor working on the home.



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