Tsunami Warning: Kodiak Alaska Police Department Reporting Water Receding From Harbor

Alaska – Tuesday morning a magnitude 7.9 earthquake centered about 175 miles southeast of Kodiak Island, Alaska prompted a tsunami warning for a large portion of Alaska and British Columbia. California was under a tsunami watch fro several hours as well. An earlier tsunami watch for Hawaii was canceled as well.

Update: 7:00 EST Kodiak Radio Station KXMT continues to warn it’s listeners to move to high ground.

Update: 7:15 EST  Kodiak Police Reporting that tide levels had risen three feet and have since subsided. The tide continues to fluctuate. Tsunami warning still in effect.

Update: 7:33 EST Kodiak Radio Station KXMT is reporting that Kodiak has been downgraded to a Tsunami advisory.  Those that have already evacuated are urged to stay where you are.

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