Pelosi, Schumer Shown The Door, Trump Says He’ll Work With Them After “Phony Investigations” Are Over



Nancy Pelosi’s coverup statement ends a meeting on infrastructure before it even gets started.

Shortly after a reportedly heated meeting on the subject of impeachment this morning Nancy Pelosi told reporters that she believed that President Trump was involved in a coverup.

It’s not clear what she was referring to, however, In recent weeks Pelosi has been feeling the heat from some in her party that want to impeach the President weeks after the Robert Mueller investigation concluded.

After being asked for details surrounding the alleged coverup by reporters Pelosi would offer no further details. Pelosi then headed to a previously scheduled 11:00 am infrastructure meeting at the White House.

When Pelosi and Chuck Schumer arrived at the White House President Trump called an impromptu press conference in the Rose Garden.  After addressing Pelosi’s coverup statement at the meeting Trump showed Pelosi and Schumer the door.

An obviously irritated President Trump then walked into the Rose Garden and told reporters that the Mueller investigation was over and that he will work with Democrats when their “phony investigations” are completed.

After arriving back at the Capitol Building Pelosi and Schumer, visibly angered,  told reporters that the printed sign on the podium was proof that this was a pre-planned walk out. Reporters have debunked that statement saying that the White House has a printing office onsite and the sign was made shortly after Pelosi’s coverup statement.


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