Carbon Monoxide Fills Greenville-Area Shopping Center, Three Taken To Hospital

Greenville – This morning at approximately 9:00 am, New Castle County Paramedics were requested by personnel from the Cranston Heights Fire Company to respond to the 3800 block of Kennett Pike (Powder Mill Square) for a carbon monoxide incident with multiple patients, according to officials.

Fire department personnel were called to the above location at approximately 8:45 am. Upon arrival, they found a building with dangerously high carbon monoxide readings and immediately requested assistance from the County Paramedics. Upon the arrival of County Paramedics, they encountered three patients. (Continued below video)

(Deputy Chief Jordan Edgerton Update On Carbon Monoxide Incident with Multiple Patients)

Officials said that the patients were all evaluated for symptoms pertaining to suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. A 32-year-old male was transported for evaluation after complaining of a headache and being found unconscious in the building.

A 48-year-old male was transported to the hospital for evaluation after suffering from an altered mental status. A 46-year-old male was transported to the hospital for evaluation after complaining of a headache, dizziness and altered mental status.

All patients were transported to the Emergency Department at Christiana Hospital on ambulances from the Cranston Heights, Belvedere and Five Points Fire Companies with a New Castle County Paramedic accompanying each patient. All patients were stable at the time of transport.

Reports from the scene indicate that the three men work working a construction job, using a gas powered saw inside the building.  Indications are that the ventilation was inadequate and the carbon monoxide level;s in the building became too much for the three.