Dancing Woman Falls Overboard, Boat Runs Over Her


Ocean City, MD. – A 22-year-old woman from West Virginia was injured Saturday when she fell from a rented pontoon boat in Assawoman Bay and was struck multiple times by the propeller, Maryland Natural Resources Police reported.

Alexa Delatorre, of Morgantown, was treated at Peninsula Regional Medical Center for deep cuts to her back, legs and right foot. The victim was brought to the dock just south of 49th Street, where emergency medical personnel began treatment.

Delatorre was one of six women on the pontoon boat. The women, from Pennsylvania and West Virginis, ranged in age from 21-25.

Witnesses said Delatorre lost her footing while dancing on the deck, fell over the railing and between the boat’s pontoons. Fellow passengers briefly lost sight of her and then saw her yelling in the water. One of the women jumped in and pulled her to safety.

The boat’s operator passed field sobriety tests administered by Natural Resources Police officers. No charges have been filed.

Image Credits: Maryland DNR

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