Dallas Lays to Rest Policemen Killed by Domestic Terrorist

Funerals for three of the five police officers killed in last week’s sniper attack in Dallas, Texas, are being held Wednesday, with hundreds of law enforcement officials paying their last respects to their fallen comrades.

At the first of the funerals, there was a montage of photos depicting the life of 43-year-old Brent Thompson, an officer for the Dallas rapid transit system, at a Dallas megachurch.

Funerals were set later for two city policemen, Lorne Ahrens and Michael Smith, both among the five gunned down last Thursday by a black Army veteran who targeted white policemen in revenge for point-blank police shootings of two African American men in other parts of the country earlier last week. Funeral services for the other two Dallas officers, Michael Krol and Patrick Zamarripa, are set for later in the week.

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Image Credits: Dallas Police Department