Colin Bonini Receives Big Name Endorsement

Dover – Ron Paul, the former U.S. Congressman and presidential candidate endorsed Colin Bonini’s run for governor on Tuesday.

Paul said that he applauds the tenacity and courage Bonini has displayed in his time in the Delaware Senate, even when it has gone against popular opinion.  A Libertarian in beliefs, Paul consistently stood as the outsider voice in Congress, many times taking stances against his own Republican Party.  He found appeal with both young and old looking to find real reform, and spending only where government should play a role.

The former congressman stated,

“Today, I enthusiastically give Colin Bonini my endorsement to be the next Governor of Delaware. Colin has consistently stood for freedom and liberty, many times alone, in the Delaware General Assembly. I can speak from experience that standing alone for what is right, but not necessarily most convenient, is not easy.”

Paul continued,

“Colin understands that government is not the solution to our economic and societal problems. Rather, private citizens being given the freedom to make the best choices for their lives is what allows a society to thrive and grow. I know that under a Governor Bonini administration, burdensome regulations will be eliminated so that Delaware’s economy will grow.   He is a liberty and freedom-first leader and that’s exactly what Delaware needs.

I am proud to lend my support and encourage every Delawarean to go out and vote for Senator Colin Bonini for Governor this fall.”

In receipt of Paul’s endorsement, Bonini stated,

“I am truly humbled and honored to receive the endorsement from an individual possessing such strong conservative principles as Ron Paul.   His bold and unwavering leadership in standing for responsible and limited government in and beyond his time in Congress is highly commendable.  I am proud to receive his endorsement in my run to become Delaware’s Governor.”

Ron Paul served 23 years in Congress and was a key leader in laying the groundwork for the Tea Party long before it came to prominence in 2009.   Prior to Congress, Paul was a practicing doctor of obstetrics and gynecology. His focus in Congress was on cutting wasteful spending, as well as protecting individual privacy and personal liberties.


Image Credits: Colin Bonini