Colin Bonini Supports Stolen Valor Law

In a statement on his Facebook page, Colin Bonini, the GOP candidate for Governor said:

“It was an honor to be a part of supporting our veterans this week by witness the signing of HB 80 The Stolen Valor Bill. This legislation that was unanimously supported in State Senate will benefit Delaware’s veterans by expanding punishment to those who commit fraud by impersonating military members”

The law adds to the crime of impersonation by including the impersonation of our members and veterans of the United States Armed Forces, commonly known as “Stolen Valor”. The crime is only applicable when the person intends impersonate a member or veteran of the United States Armed Forces in order to gain money, discounts, or other tangible benefits.

Colin Bonini At Bill Signing
HB 80 Bill Signing

Outgoing Governor Markell signed the bill into law this week with bipartisan support.

Image Credits: Colin Bonini