Five More Bombs Found, One Explodes

Elizabeth, NJ. –  Agents with the Newark, New Jersey FBI office said that five more pipe bombs were found overnight. Officials said that two men found a backpack in a waste basket.  The two opened the bag  and became alarmed when they saw wires and pipes.

Chris Bollwage, the city’s mayor, told reporters that the pair alerted local police who responded to the scene. The  waste basket was found outside a local pub that is located about 500 feet from a train station.

“Whoever threw it into the can was probably trying to get rid of it. It’s not in a highly congested area,” said Bollwage.

FBI bomb technicians, county and state police used a bomb squad robot to examine the backpack. During the process one of the devices detonated.

“In the course of rendering one of the devices safe, it detonated. There are no injuries & law enforcement personnel are at the scene processing evidence,” according to the FBI.

“The robots that went in to disarm it, cut a wire and it exploded. I know there are other devices, I don’t know what they’re made up of but they’re going to have to be removed,” Bollwage said.
The remaining four devices will be transferred in protective cases to a local site and then will be taken to the FBI laboratory at Quantico, Virginia, Bollwage said.
Train service in the area has been suspended, according to local transportation agencies.  Commuters are advised to seek alternate means of transportation.