Colin Bonini’s To-Do List

The Delaware To-Do List Item #5: Restore Prosperity and Bring back Quality Jobs (Part Three)

Dover, DE–Today, State Senator Colin Bonini released the fifth item in a series of policy proposals titled “The Delaware To-Do List,” which outline his solutions on how, if elected governor, he will put Delaware back on track.

Colin Bonini
Colin Bonini

As Bonini has said in the past, “Delaware faces historic challenges. Our economy is in terrible shape. Our public schools need help, and violent crime is on the rise in many of our communities. The reality is that many Delawareans are suffering and that our state government is frequently part of the problem. Delaware needs new leadership and new ideas.”


This week’s item on the “To-Do List” addresses how Delaware can restore prosperity and bring back quality jobs by reforming policies and regulations that are causing high utility costs in Delaware. These proposals will help revive the First State’s economy and encourage job growth.

In releasing today’s proposal, Bonini stated, “Delaware has some of the highest electricity rates in the country.  Delaware consumers pay 120% of the national average for electricity and businesses are even worse off, paying 130% of the national average.  In some municipalities, these numbers are even higher!”

He continued, “We must eliminate onerous regulations that serve no real purpose or show real improvement to the environment.  Such regulations have only grown the cost of utilities imposed each month on already struggling middle class families.  In my own senate district, there are couples who have four part-time jobs between them, not to have extra money, but just to make ends meet!  We cannot continue to burden Delawareans with regulations that drive businesses to other states.

Policies and regulations causing this situation must be reformed before businesses and jobs return to the First State, but it will take someone with the political will to do it.  I have that will.”


Image Credits: Colin Bonini