Possible Road Rage One Stabbed

Felton – The Delaware State Police are investigating a stabbing that took place over a possible road rage incident, according to State Police Spokeman Master Corporal Gary Fournier.

Fournier said that troopers and emergency medical services responded the 10000 block of South DuPont Highway around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday November 20, 2016 for a report of a woman who was stabbed during an altercation at a red light.

When troopers arrived they determined that the 36-year-old female from Wilmington was riding as passenger in a car when another car allegedly  pulled up along side of them at a traffic light located at South DuPont Highway (US13) southbound and Evans Road, said Fournier.

The female operator and a female passenger of the other car allegedly exchange profanities and unpleasant hand gestures toward the victim and her family while at the red light.  A female passenger of the other vehicle allegedly exited and began approaching the passenger’s side of the victim’s vehicle, according to a statement released by the State Police.  Fournier said that as the victim began to exit her vehicle, the female passenger from the other car allegedly began to physically assault the 36-year-old victim,

As the two were engaged in the confrontation, the driver from the suspect car allegedly exited her vehicle and began stabbing the victim in the upper torso.  The three then separated and entered their own vehicles and continued southbound on US 13 when the victim noticed she had been stabbed.

The victim’s daughter then pulled into a residence in the 10000 block of South DuPont Highway and called 9-1-1.  The female victim was transported by EMS to an area hospital where she was admitted in stable condition.

Fournier said that further investigation revealed the incident may have started in the area of US 13 southbound near Voshells Mill Road when the suspect vehicle allegedly began following the victim’s vehicle and honking the horn and flashing their lights while traveling in the left lane.

The suspects were only described as two black females.  The driver is approximately 50-60 years old while the passenger was approximately 20-30 years old.  Varying descriptions of the vehicle were given, but possibly a grey in color Toyota Corolla, said Fournier.