No Luck In Our Search For McDonald’s Secret Sauce

Newark – Looking for a free bottle of McDonald’s Secret Sauce? Good Luck. We stopped by Mickey D’s in Newark hoping to score one of the 10,000 bottles of deliciousness. To our disappointment we were told that the Newark location doesn’t have any of the bottles.  The employees explained that we would have to “download an app and do something online”.

mcdonalds-secret-sauceNot to be discouraged we quickly downloaded the McDonald’s app. Nothing. Turns out the giveaway has it’s own app. Reading McDonald’s website we found this “Customers can find Big Mac Special Sauce bottles in their market by downloading the Apple Big Mac Special Sauce Finder iMessage app that highlights the nearest restaurant where the limited edition bottles will be available.”

We headed back to the office to retrieve the Ipad. Waiting eagerly as the app downloaded we wondered if we would find a nearby location in time? Would be one of the lucky few to have there own Limited Edition Bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce?

We opened up the app, that is part of Apple’s IMessenger feature, and found that the only participating location in Delaware is the location at 700 West 4th Street in Wilmington. Great we’ll drive down there and snap up our bottle. Before we head out we’ll  give the location a call to make sure they still have a few bottles?

Wan Wan Waaa. Turns out the Wilmington McDonald’s will start handing out the bottles at 4 p.m. today, according to the employee that answered the phone. The employee stated that people have been calling since 5:00 a.m asking about the giveaway.

Should we drive downtown at quitting time to wait in line for who knows how long? Is it worth getting stuck in rush hour traffic? Is a bottle of secret sauce really worth all of that? For us the answer to all three questions is no. So unless McDonald’s reads this article and decides to mail us a bottle we’re out of luck.

Folks in southern Delaware can head to the McDonald’s in Salisbury, MD location at 407 N. Fruitland Blvd. Salisbury. This location is inside the Walmart and will be giving away bottles between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Image Credits: McDonalds

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