Meet The New NCC Mounted Patrol Unit Clydesdales

Wilmington – The New Castle County Division of Police announces additions to the Mounted Patrol Unit, according to New Castle County Police Spokeswoman Tracey Duffy.

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Duffy said that in December, three Clydesdales from St. Louis, MO arrived at their new home in Carousel Park. Seahawk, the oldest, weighs in at 1,750 pounds and turned three in February. He has a noticeable brown patch on his face.

Xander, who has a few white patches on his hip and black knees, weighs in at 1,456 pounds and turns three next month and the youngest and the smallest of the trio is Julio. At 17 months old, he weighs 1,108 pounds and has white markings on his hip, Duffy said.

“They began training yesterday morning under the watchful eye of M/Cpl. William Brown,” said Sgt. James Henasey, Commander of the Mounted Patrol Unit. “The new horses experienced the sound and feel of clippers for the first time to help prepare them for the grooming practices of County mounts,” he added.

While the trio awaited training, they were held in the Quarantine Field for about a month so that staff and volunteers could keep a close eye on them as they experienced new feed, water and hay.

Image Credits: NCCPD