Newark City Council Votes 4 to 3 To Delay Rodney Deal

Newark – Some Newark residents, concerned about the city’s plan to purchase the shuttered Rodney Dormitory site, have took to social media platforms over the weekend to discuss the issue.

A recent news article, regarding the proposed purchase, was the first time many residents learned of the the city’s plan to spend tax dollars on the dorms.

rodney-dormsOne resident saying “all citizens of Newark should be aware of these major items, which if approved will certainly lead to the expenditure of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. Whether they would be good investments is not entirely clear at this time, neither is it clear how these funds would be raised and over what time period.”

Another saying “It is frightening that City Council would possibly vote to go ahead with this idea of purchasing the Rodney complex, and spending millions of dollars, without providing more information to the public.”

Adding “The purchase might be the best move for the city and it’s residents. But how do we know that?”

All of the residents agree that there should be more discussion. They also agreed that a city council meeting with a full agenda is not the right time for that discussion.

After calls from his constituents Councilman Mark Morehead held a meeting in the city council chambers on Saturday.