Newark Police Find Woman Partially Submerged In Water, Screams Heard

Newark – On Monday, February 13, 2017 at 7:31 a.m. Newark Police (NPD) responded to the 300 Block of New London Road for reports of a woman screaming in the area, according to Newark Police Spokesman Lieutenant Fred Nelson.

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Nelson said that officers began checking the area and Corporal Aaron Olicker subsequently located a female inside of a drainage ditch, behind the Rite-Aid, partially submerged in water.

Olicker entered the drainage ditch and was able to pull the 60-year-old woman out of the water onto the embankment, Nelson said. Corporal Olicker and Officer Coughlin were then able to drag the woman up the embankment and provided her with a blanket until Aetna HH&L arrived and rendered treatment, according to Nelson.

The woman was eventually transported to Christiana Hospital for additional treatment. NPD said they do not have an updated medical status on the woman, said Nelson.

Nelson said that it is unknown how the woman got into the drainage ditch. There is a fence surrounding the ditch, however, there was an open gate on the southeast side of the fence.