Wanna Get Paid To Live Near The Beach, Lewes Is Hiring

The City of Lewes Police Department has announced that it is accepting applications for the following positions:

Meter Patrol Supervisor, 4/15/17 to 10/15/17 (1 position available)
Meter Patrol, 5/1/17 to 10/15/17 (4 positions available)
Life Guards, 5/27/17 to 9/4/17 (10 positions available)
Seasonal Police Officers, 4/17 to 9/4/17 (4 positions available)

lewesThe position of Meter Patrol Supervisor is responsible for the interviewing, hiring, supervision and training of the Meter Patrol staff, developing a work schedule to ensure adequate coverage and managing the overall operations of the Meter Department. Applicants should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, word processing and a basic ability to input data into the parking computer program. Applicants should also have excellent customer service skills and the ability to handle citizen complaints and develop appropriate solutions.

The position of Meter Patrol is responsible for the effective enforcement of parking regulations in the downtown and beach areas of the City. Applicants should have the ability to walk during the assigned shift and must possess good customer service skills and be able to utilize the Park Mobile hand held computer application.

The position of Life Guard is responsible for the guarding of the City beaches during the hours they are open and ensuring the safety of the public. Applicants must be Life Guard certified through the Red Cross, YMCA or similar certification agency and must be available to work from 9:30am to 4pm daily to include holidays and weekends. Additionally, applicants must be physically fit and able to perform daily workouts.

The position of Seasonal Police Officer works in concert with Police Department staff and must have the ability to perform some police related tasks and have strong customer service and community relation skills. Applicants must pass all Council on Police Training (COPT) requirements for the position and will be paid for completing required training on weekends only in April.

Applicants must be in good health, be of good moral character and be able to work a variety of shifts, including weekends and holidays and possess a valid driver’s license (where applicable).

Applications may be downloaded from the City of Lewes website www.ci.lewes.de.us or may also be picked up at the City of Lewes located at 114 East Third Street, Lewes, DE. 19958.

All applications should be submitted to the City of Lewes City Manager immediately but no later than Friday, March 31st at 3:00pm either in person or at the above website.

The City of Lewes Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Source: Lewes Police Department

Image Credits: First State Update