Officer Keeps Act Of Kindness To Himself, Top Cop Couldn’t Be Prouder

Officer Rose Recognized At Budget Address

Wilmington – During last evenings New Castle County Budget Address, County Executive Matt Meyer called special attention to one of New Castle County’s finest, Officer First Class John Rose.

Meyer told the standing room only crowd, that filled the County Council chamber, about an incident that occurred during a recent winter storm.

Meyer explained that Officer Rose, normally assigned to a Mobile Enforcement Team, was on supplemental patrol, due to a snow storm, when he came into contact with a local woman at her home.

Rose met the woman during a welfare check, which was called in by her friend. The friend informed Rose that that resident was terminally ill, and didn’t have money for heating oil. Adding that she was using her oven and a small heater to keep warm. This caused the caller concern due to the woman being on oxygen. The temperatures that night were going to be in the single digits.

When Officer Rose arrived on scene he spoke with the woman and discovered that she was on hospice. He also found that and she lived alone with her service dog. Not wanting to leave the woman in the condition that he found her in, Rose attempted to call several heating oil companies, but none were able to come due to the storm.

Rose also determined that the woman’s family members were unable to assist her due to them being ill themselves. The woman did not want to leave her home to go to a shelter due to her having large amounts of medication and oxygen. She was also concerned about her service dog, which she feared would not be allowed into the shelter with her.

Using his own money, Office Rose went to a local hardware store and bought heaters for for the ailing woman. After helping the woman he continued on with his duties, keeping his good deed to himself. He did not report the incident to his superior officers as he did not want the recognition.

New Castle County Police Spokesman, J.P. Piser said that the Division of Police only learned about the actions of Officer Rose after the woman wrote a letter to thank him.

After learning that one of his officers went above and beyond the call of duty, Chief Bond couldn’t be prouder.

“This act of kindness made a big and positive difference in the life of one of our residents, with no recognition wanted in return,” said Colonel Vaughn Bond Jr, Chief of Police. “I am proud to wear the same uniform as OFC Rose. His actions exemplify the standard of community service that the Division of Police strives for. It’s the reason we all seek this job in the first place- to help people.”, said Colonel Vaughn Bond, Chief Of New Castle County Police.


Image Credits: NCC