Happening Now: Swift Water Team Headed To Brandywine Creek

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Wilmington – Reports indicate that a New Castle County Swift water Team has been asked to respond to Brandywine Creek.  Earlier reports indicated that officials were no longer considering this a rescue mission.

Residents close to the area where the crew is working confirm that crews are on scene.

Officials said that the person that went missing last night was a 20-year-old man.





Wilmington – Last night at approximately 8 p.m. rescue crews from across New Castle County responded to the Brandywine Creek in Alapocas Run State Park for a water rescue.

Reports from the scene indicated that a person, possibly a child, had fallen over the water fall and wasn’t seen again.

Crews tried locate the person, working both sides of the water but their efforts were hampered by bad weather. The search had to be suspended during the the heavy rain and winds that passed through the area just before 9 p.m. As soon as the storm passed crews again tried to locate the missing person.

Crews stretched safety lines across the water in different areas of the creek as they continued to search. Additional crews were also posted near the Brandywine Zoo.

At approximately 10:15 crews called of the search due to nightfall.

No further information has been release by officials.


The photo is a file photo from a rescue that happened in the same location on July 1, 2017 Read Story

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