Police Save Woman Before Her Boat Runs Her Over


Millsboro – DNREC Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police officers rescued a 65-year-old Lewes woman from Rehoboth Bay Thursday after she was ejected from her fishing skiff and it continued to spin out of control toward where she had been thrown into the water, according to Lt. John McDerby.

McDerby said officers were on patrol near Massey’s Landing when they spotted the unoccupied vessel traveling in circles. Officers then saw the victim in the water, and maneuvered their patrol boat to shield her as her unmanned boat drew closer.

The officers were then able to pulled the woman from the water. The woman, who was not identified, was not injured in the incident, according to McDerby. Officers were also able to recover the woman’s boat and towed it back to shore.

Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police remind boaters of the importance of always wearing their ignition safety switch lanyard, also known as the “kill switch.” When worn and deployed, the kill switch lanyard shuts off the vessel’s engine in the event of an emergency, such as an operator going overboard. Lt. McDerby said that it is highly recommended that all boaters attach the ignition safety switch lanyard to their wrist, or life jacket before getting underway.

This safety mechanism, along with always wearing a lifejacket, can help save lives on the water, he said.