Reports: Two Overdose Victims Saved By DSP Troopers On Kirkwood Highway

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Marshallton – At about 12:45 this afternoon Delaware State Police (DSP), along with Mill Creek ambulance crews and New Castle County Paramedics were dispatched to the 4000 block of Kirkwood Highway for a report of an injury accident.

Sounds like the normal run of the mill traffic accident, right? Not so fast. As a policy First State Update doesn’t usually post articles regarding these types of issues, but we think you should know a few things about this incident.

Before we get into that, here’s what we know. We know arriving DSP Troopers quickly learned that there was not an accident, but that the two occupants of the vehicle were suffering from some sort of medical condition. Troopers were observed administering what is believed to be NARCAN to the two occupants of the car. Shortly after administering NARCAN the two patients awoke. Troopers then turned the two over to medical crews who had responded to the scene.

The driver was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. Reports indicate that the passenger was treated before being arrested.  Charges are pending.

That’s normally where the story would end. Well there are a few things we left out.

These events aren’t only about the patients. That angle gets covered ad infinitum. This is about those that have to pick up the pieces. Once that car stopped at the traffic light and the two went to sleep a lot of things occurred.

First a horrified witness had to step out onto a busy highway, only to find two strangers looking as if they were dead. Imagine her shock.

Imagine the shock of the DSP Troopers who also arrived on scene to find the two in that state. Picture the concerned look on the first Trooper’s as she realized the two weren’t waking up.  The concern quickly turning into action as she runs back to her cruiser to grab her NARCAN kit. The sense of urgency on the part of the Trooper was palpable as she prepared the dosages of NARCAN for the patients. And then, with the assistance of several responding Troopers, she administered the overdose reversing drug, first to the woman driver and then to her male passenger. Was it working? They were still out as minutes passed. As more and more first responders arrived on scene the two suddenly both came out of it. Both in a daze. Not understanding where they where or who all of the people around them were.

This one worked out for everyone involved but it could have turned out much differently.

If the Trooper wasn’t able to bring the two back she would be notifying their family of their deaths. What if the two had fallen asleep after the light had turned green?

Imagine all of the discussions happening with the children that may have witnessed the scene or family and friends of the passersby.

Overdose cases happen almost everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, in New Castle County and these same string of events play out. Someone finds them at a fast food restaurant, a gas station or at a stop light, police and medics respond to try and save them and witnesses are left to wonder what just happened.

These two did not make it because they were lucky. They made it because a group of responding State Troopers saved their lives.


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