Dover Airmen Turned Landscapers Bring Smiles To Faces

Dover – On July 27 the Dover AFB Airmen Committed to Excellence council took time out of their schedule to clear grass which had become overgrown at the Child Development Center playground, on base.

The landscaping project took less than two hours to complete thanks to the efforts of the ACE council where they cleared several large trash bags worth of grass and weeds from the CDC.

“We were asked by the Parent Advisory Board and the Director of the CDC to do the clean-up,” said Senior Airman Shakira Laws-Mathis, 436th Logistics Readiness Squadron logistics plan technician and ACE council president. “We said yes, as a council, because we wanted to give back to the base.”

ACE has monthly goals which allow them to lead and step out of their comfort zone as well as provide something extra to those who are part of the council.

“One of our goals is to give Airmen opportunities to be involved in a base or community event to give back and that was accomplished with this event,” said Laws-Mathis.

ACE provides occasions to volunteer and learn more about the base and Air Force.

“ACE is an outlet for Airmen,” said Staff Sgt. Mercardo Morales, 9th Airlift Squadron instructor crew chief. “I remember when I was an Airman and how important it was for me to make friends. You are away from home, thousands of miles away on a different coast or even in a different country. It gives them an outlet to meet new Airmen and understand different jobs that Airmen have in the Air Force and start connections. Those are important relationships to have if you want to stay in the Air Force.”

Morales is on the Team 5/6 council as the ACE mentor.

“I am the ACE mentor, and I am there anytime ACE needs advice,” said Morales. “Team 5/6 is just one of the orgs that help ACE out. We help them learn how to manage people.”

Morales said the most important thing ACE provides is professional development.

“ACE gets people from different organizations to give insight on below-the-zone packages, shadowing programs, and what the area defense council does,” said Morales. “It is important for Airmen to get this information because Airmen are the foundation of the Air Force.”

Any Airmen, airman basic to senior airman, can join the council, at no cost.

Source: Dover Air Force Base

Image Credits: U.S. Air Force/Staff Sgt. Jared Duhon