Update: 11-Year-Old-Child On Board Trooper 4 After ATV Crash, Headed To AI duPont

Trooper 4 File

Update – 8:57 patient has arrived at AI duPont.

Update – 11-year-old child riding an ATV with no helmet struck a barrel at a high rate of speed. Medics are transporting patient to Trooper 4 for medivac to AI duPont.

Update: Ground crews are communicating with Trooper 4 to find a LZ (landing Zone)

Townsend – Trooper 4 (Delaware State Police Aviation) is headed to a traffic collision involving a ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) south of Townsend.

Reports from the scene indicate that a small child has crashed a four wheeler and is injured

Rescue crews from Townsend are headed to the 700 block of Blackbird Station Road.