States Did A Great Job Rebuffing 2016 Election Hack Attempts

On Friday the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said that it notified 21 states that attempts were made to hack their state’s election systems, as the 2016 election grew near. Delaware was among those that were notified, according to news reports.

Officials told the states that the activity was prep work, such as scanning and probing computer systems. DHS made it clear that the targets included voter registration systems, not vote tallying systems.

Although there were attempts to compromise several states voting systems the hackers were unsuccessful for the most part, according to DHS.

Illinois reported in August of 2016 that hackers were able to access a limited number of voters records (Read Here). In the Illinois case the number of affected records was less than 200,000 voters.

So lets do the math. 29 others states were were not notified.  All but one state rebuffed the hackers attempts. That adds up to 49 states that were not compromised and a only a limited number of voters records were affected in Illinois.

Good job state election IT guys and gals.