Two Children Found Dead in Wilmington Home


Wilmington – At 8:33 this morning Wilmington Police were dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of W. Ninth Street to conduct a welfare check of two young children, according to Police Chief Bob Tracy.

Arriving officers determined that the children were deceased but were force out of the home by a strong odor of gas, according to Tracy. Due to safety concerns officers evacuated the home until it could be made safe by the fire department. Firefighters, along with Delmarva crews worked quickly to get the gas turned off. Once the gas was shut off crews opened all of the windows to allow the gas to dissipate.

Once firefighters determined that it was safe to enter the building police officers reentered the building. Reports indicate that police may have discovered the children deceased in a bathtub inside the home.

Police did not say if they believe the children died from drowning or from exposure to the gas. Tracy indicated that police are questioning the mother. “Definitely, the person that has the authority over the house at this time is always considered a suspect at this time, but we have to rule everything out before we make that determination, and we’re interviewing all parties and witnesses at this time.”, said Tracy.

Tracy indicated that the medical examiner and investigators are on scene collecting evidence to help determine what occurred in the home.