Train Carrying Over 200 Members of Congress,Families Crashes In Virginia, 1 Dead

Virginia –  At approximately 11:20 this morning an Amtrak train filled with 200 – 300 members of Congress and their family members were involved in an accident.

The train collided with a trash truck on the tracks in Crozet, Virginia, killing the truck’s diver and seriously injuring the passenger, according to reports from the scene.

Several members of Congress, who are also doctors, jumped into action and began CPR on one patient and treating several others for their injuries. Reports from the scene indicate no member of Congress was seriously injured. Just a lot of bumps and bruises, according to Kansas Congressman Dr. Roger Marshall.

Members of Congress and their families were headed to the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia for the annual Republican Party retreat when the accident occurred.

Authorities were able to separate the train from the derailed locomotive, allowing a second locomotive on the back of the train to pull the passenger cars back into Charlottesville, Virginia.

At approximately 1:48 the train arrived back in Charlottesville. The Members and their families are in the process of boarding buses while a large security detail is protecting the train station.

Amtrak is reporting that two crew members and two passengers were removed from the train and transported to the hospital.

The incident is under investigation by local law enforcement, according to the Amtrak statement.