County, State Police Search Wood Mill-Area Neighborhoods For Suspects

Wood Mill – At approximately 2:00 this afternoon Delaware State Troopers, with the assistance of New Castle County Police, began a search for several suspects near the intersection of Kirkwood Highway and Milltown Road.

Several Troopers and county officers descended on the area and began the search for three suspects. It’s believed that shortly after the search began Troopers took one suspect into custody while two others remained on the loose.

Trooper 4 (Delaware State Police Aviation) was called to the scene to search for the remaining suspects. The helicopter remained on scene for several minutes before it was diverted to Claymont for a serious auto accident.

Officers were observed actively searching the area, telling residents to shut and lock their doors.

Officials have yet to release any information about why they were searching for the three suspects. It’s unclear if the remaining suspects were captured.