Newark High School Reportedly Threatened In Social Media Post, DuPont Threat Unfounded


Newark – Newark High School is currently on a heightened alert status do to threatening social media post, according to a statement on the schools website.

Message from Assistant Superintendent Mr. Ed Mayfield
March 19, 2018

Dear Newark High School Community:

District and school officials were alerted to a threatening social media post involving Newark High School. The incident is under active investigation by police. As a precaution, we have placed Newark High School on heightened alert status. The school will operate as a regular school day, but school staff and administrators will pay special attention to any suspicious individuals or behavior taking place near the school, and will follow up immediately with law enforcement.

Ed Mayfield
Assistant Superintendent, Christina School District

The Newark Police is currently investigating an internet threat of a school shooting at Newark High School which was received this morning, March 19, 2018 at approximately 6:45 a.m., according to Sgt. Gerald  Bryda.

Bryda said due to this fact, there is an increased police presence at the high school as an additional security measure. Detectives are actively investigating this threat. We are working in conjunction with Newark High School and the Christina School District on this incident.

No incident or threats have been observed on campus by police.

This notice was sent to Newark High School parents:

A similar social media post, thought to involve AI DuPont Middle School, turned out to be directed at a school in Massachusetts, according to Delaware State Police Public Information Officer, Master Corporal Michael Austin.

Austin said Delaware State Police have confirmed that a social media post regarding a planned shooting at a DuPont school is not related to Delaware.

Late Sunday evening Troopers were made aware of a threatening Snapchat post that was circulating on social media, directed at a “DuPont” school. While there was no specific reference to Delaware, the threat was taken seriously, and an investigation was immediately initiated.

Through a coordinated investigation involving Delaware State Police Youth Aid detectives, school resource officers, and analysts from the Delaware Information and Analysis Center (DIAC), it was quickly determined that the threat involved the DuPont Middle School in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and that there was no connection to any Delaware school. The Chicopee Police Department was already investigating the incident and subsequently made an arrest.

As a precautionary measure and in order to address any inquiries from parents and students there was an increased police presence this morning at AI DuPont High School, AI DuPont Middle School and HB DuPont Middle School.

The Delaware State Police continue to remain vigilant and take all threats seriously and will investigate these incidents to the fullest extent to ensure the safety of our children and the school community as a whole.