Troopers: Middletown High School Student Pointed The Gun At Another Student

Tymere Moore

Middletown – Delaware State Police have arrested Tymere Moore, 18, of Middletown on weapons and assault charges stemming from an incident at Middletown High School, according to Public Information Officer, Master Corporal Michael Austin.

Austin said the incident began at approximately 10:50 a.m., Friday, May 18, 2018, at Middletown High School, located at 120 Silver Lake Road, Middletown, when Moore became involved in a verbal altercation with an 18-year-old female student in the hallway. The altercation escalated when Moore threw a bottle at the female, which struck her in the head, causing a minor injury, said Austin.

An 18-year-old male student who witnessed the incident intervened, and became engaged in a verbal altercation with Moore, at which time the two agreed to move to a nearby bathroom to continue the argument. Once in the bathroom Moore removed a 9mm handgun from his book bag and pointed it at the male student, according to Austin. Both Moore and the male student then exited the bathroom without further incident. The male student was not injured as a result of the incident.

Soon after the incident school administrators received information that Moore was possibly in possession of a handgun. Moore was immediately located within the school and an attempt was made to escort him to a secure area. He refused to comply with the request and a physical altercation ensued, which resulted in Moore striking one of the administrators, said Austin. Moore was eventually brought under control by assisting staff members and moved to a secure office. Once in the office an administrative search of Moore’s book bag produced a 9mm handgun.

Moore was taken in to custody by responding Troopers without incident and transported to Delaware State Police Troop 9. Austin said further investigation determined that Moore stole the handgun from a vehicle, earlier this same day, prior to arriving at the school.

Moore was charged with one count each of the following:

Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon
Possession of a Weapon in a Safe School Zone
Theft of a Firearm
Aggravated Menacing
Assault 3rd Degree
Offensive Touching
Moore was arraigned in Justice of the Peace Court #2 and then committed to the James T. Vaughn Correctional Institution on $29,250.00 secured bail.

Appoquinimink Superintendent, Matt Burrows released a statement regarding the incident yesterday.

Shortly before noon today, a quick-thinking teacher called down to the office to report an altercation between two students at Middletown High. Staff were able to separate the teens before any blows were thrown, and no one was injured. But, a check of one student’s bag revealed a handgun.

I’m grateful to report that the police responded quickly to our 911 call, and the student was taken into custody without incident.*

But let me emphasize that the real heroes today were our Middletown High School staff. Their vigilance, quick thinking and solid instincts contained the situation before it even began.

Illegal and dangerous behavior is not tolerated in the Appoquinimink School District. Weapons of any kind are not permitted on or near school property.

The young person in question was immediately placed on suspension and escorted away by the police. Following our Code of Conduct, and pending the conclusion of a formal investigation, he will not be allowed further contact with students or staff, and will not be allowed back on school property. Due to the seriousness of the infraction, this student will not be returning to our schools.

As the parent of two teens, I know how unnerving it is to hear that our community has experienced an incident like this.

I can reassure you that we’ll do our best to to make sure something like this doesn’t occur again, and that we are, and will continue to be, vigilant stewards of our students and schools.

If there is a grain of comfort to be drawn from these events, it’s that the school safety training, preparation and commitment of staff was never more evident than in our response to today’s incident.

Educators did a phenomenal job responding in a quick, calm and collected manner. I’d like to single out several: Mrs. Michelle Semonelle, Mr. Brant Perry, Mr. Joe Lahutsky and Dr. Matt Donovan for special recognition and a job well done.

In closing, let me leave you with this thought. When it comes to school safety, vigilance is our best defense. Please help the staff and I as we communicate to our children, “If you see something, say something.”

As always, your principal and I are here if you have questions or concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Burrows