Newark, County Police Respond To Burglary In Process Call In Scottfield

Newark – Just after 2:30 this afternoon, New Castle County Police responded to the 800 block of Broadfield Drive for reports of a possible burglary in progress. As they responded New Castle County Police requested the assistance of a Newark Police K-9 unit.

Shortly after the Newark Police K-9 Unit arrived on the scene, New Castle County’s K-9 Nitro arrived at the scene.  It was determined that Nitro would be utilized to search the home. Police surrounded the home while Nitro’s handler yelled into the home, warning anyone in the home that the dog was coming in.

As the dog entered the home several officers rushed inside the home.  After a few moments police exited the home, not finding any suspects inside.

A cleaning woman, who was working inside the home, said she called police after hearing people in the basement. She said she heard someone whistle twice and then she heard several banging noises. She thinks the noise may have been the people crawling out of a window.

The woman, who was watching the police action from across the street, said that when she opened the basement window the screen was on the window. After the noise, the screen was not on the window, she said.