Read Chilling Court Documents In Priest Beating

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State of Delaware vs. JOSHUA J. AUGUST

Case Number: 18 07 021050

Exhibit B
Also Known As:

Date of Birth/Age: 07/22/1993 (25)
Sex: Male
Race: White Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown Height: 5’09” Weight: 180 lbs Driver’s License:

Date and Times of Offense: Between 07/30/2018 at 1330 and 07/30/2018 1355 Location of Offense:

1. Your affiant is a sworn police officer of the New Castle County Police Department since June 2018 and is assigned to the patrol division on B squad.

2. On 07/30/2018 at approximately 1400 hours your affiant responded to located in New Castle County, in reference to an assault in progress. Upon arrival your affiant made contact with an employee of the Church victim 2 (V2) who advised that she was working when she overheard a conversation between Joshua August (w/m/nh 07/22/1993) and victim 1 (V1). V2 stated that Joshua became very upset over “weed that he wanted back” from V1 and that is when V2 heard what sounded like “hitting.” V2 stated she walked out of her office and observed Joshua August on top of V1 punching and kicking V1 about the face and abdomen area and causing visible injuries. V2 advised that she tried to intervene at which time Joshua pushed V2 causing her to fall, hitting her right forearm and elbow on to the ground causing her substantial pain. V2 then advised that she observe Joshua to spray a bottle of an unknown substance into V1 mouth while he was lying on the ground.

3. Your affiant then observed V2 right forearm and elbow which was swollen, red in color and covered with a red like substance consistent with blood. Photographs then were taken of V2’s injuries and were later uploaded to V2 refused any medical attention at this time.

4. Your affiant then observed V1 to be laying on the floor in an office where large amounts of a red like substance consistent with blood was on the carpet as well as in the office hallway. V1 was also covered in the same red like substance consistent with blood and unable to speak due to unknown facial injuries. Your affiant then observed large amounts of broken clear glass to be strewn around the office and hallway which was also covered with the red like substance consistent with blood. V1 was then transported to a Christiana Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

5. Contact was then made with W2 who advised that she heard V2 yelling for help from another part of the office. She stated that she then observed Joshua August to be punching and kicking V1 about the face and then called the police. W2 stated that while on the phone, Joshua was observed entering another office and exiting with a large bottle of wine which he opened and poured onto V1. W2 stated that Joshua was then seen hitting Vl over the head with the bottle several times causing it to shatter all over the floor and Vi. W2 stated that glass was observed in V1 face along with large amounts of a red like substance consistent with blood running down his face and onto the floor.

6. Your affiant then responded to the front of the church where the large front glass door had been shattered by an unknown object. Contact was then made with W1 who advised he observed Joshua August to be hitting the front glass door with an unknown object causing it to shatter prior to fleeing the scene. Photographs were then taken of the door and later uploaded to

7. Contact was then made with officer Clough who advised that he was alerted by W1 to a white male skating away on a skateboard upon his arrival. Officer Clough stated that he than activated his emergency equipment in an attempt to stop Joshua but he refused and continued down the street. Officer Clough then advised that he was able to pass Joshua on the roadway and park his vehicle approximately 50 yards in front of him, exit his vehicle and then again began to give verbal commands. Joshua refused to comply and after a brief struggle Joshua was taken in custody by several officers While Officer Clough was placing handcuffs on Joshua he did pull away in attempt to evade police custody.

8. While in the rear of a patrol vehicle, Joshua August did state that he “wanted to kill him and should have finished” and that he “enjoyed” watching V1 with “blood” all over his face and body.

9. Your affiant then responded to Christina Hospital where the attending doctor advised that V1 sustained multiple defused facial fractures as well as deep lacerations to hands and fingers which would require plastic surgery

10. Your affiant prays an arrest warrant be issued for Joshua August for 1 count of Assault First degree, 1 count of Assualt Third Degree, 1 count of Resisting arrest, and 1 count of criminal mischief.


Sworn to and subscribed to before me this 30th day of July AD. 2018.

Judge/Commissioner/Court Official

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