Video: County Police Surround Wilmington Home, I-95 On-Ramp Reopened

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Wilmington – The New Castle Police Department is currently on scene at the intersection of Lancaster Avenue and S. Jackson Street. County Police, with the assistance of Wilmington Police, have surrounded a home on S. Jackson Street.

County SWAT members are on scene with their Bearcat armored vehicle and can be heard hailing someone inside the home.

A witness at the scene, Justina Falco, said she pulled over as police rushed past her to get to the home.

“I was on phone with my fiancé…So they had big guns drawn and kept repeating come out with your hands up and follow New Castle Police Officers orders”

“They said multiple times (suspect’s name) if you are in (address if home) the house come out with your hands up and follow police orders”, said Flaco.

“They gave a final warning and set off what sounded like a cannon explosion”, Flaco said,  likely referring to a flashbang.


Just before 4:00 officials said that traffic is now open on Lancaster Avenue and Jackson Street.  Access to the on-ramp for I-95 South at MLK Blvd. has been reopened.

Police have released few details regarding the police action but it’s believed that a suspect is in custody.

It’s not clear why police were looking for the suspect or what charges are pending.



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