Dog Rescued From Newark Waterfall Reunited With Family, Four-Legged And Otherwise

Newark – The homesick Boston Terrier/Chihuahua Mix that was rescued by firefighters on Smalley’s Pond this morning has been reunited with his family.

At around 8:40 this morning Tim Keen was fishing with his son on Smalley’s Pond when he noticed a small dog that was sitting on the dam. Worried that the dog would fall off the dam and injure himself, Keen called  911 dispatch. Within a few minutes, members from the Christiana Fire Company, along with crews from the Cranston Heights, Good Will and the New Castle County Surface Water Rescue team responded to the scene.

After putting a small boat below the waterfall, crews placed a two-man float in the water that allowed them to wade out and get the soaked little guy.

Once out of the water, “Sir Barksalot”, the name given to the dog by rescuers, was turned over to a Delaware Animal Services officer, who said that the department would work to find the dog’s owner, but if no owner is found the dog will be put up for adoption.

Shortly after we posted the story this morning, someone posted a flyer of a missing Boston Terrier on our Facebook page. Our readers, putting two and two together, called the number on the flyer.

While on her way to work, Jasmin Blink began receiving those calls. The callers were telling her that First State Update posted photos of a dog that looked like her missing Boston Terrier.

Blink said when she got to work and looked at the pictures she realized that her “BoBo” was the one rescued from the water this morning.

Soon after arriving at work and talking with Delaware Animal Services, Blink headed to the shelter where she and her family, including “Mama” their other dog, were reunited with Bobo, who is now microchipped.

Blink told us that BoBo went missing yesterday after someone in her family opened the door and he darted out. She searched for Bobo and posted flyers around the neighborhood until four o’clock this morning but couldn’t find him.

Very happy that first responders and the community came together to reunite her with BoBo this morning, Blink said “God bless you all and the fire department.”