Happening Now: Hostage Situation At UPS Facility In NJ Over, Gunman Shot

New Jersey authorities have just announced that the hostage situation at the Birchcreek Road facility in Logan Township has come to a conclusion.

Officials say the man was shot during an intervention by tactical officers. Both women have been rescued and are uninjured.

Authorities are saying that one of the women was formally in a relationship with the hostage taker.

The gunman has been taken to the hospital and is in custody, according to police.

Original Report

An army of police responded to a UPS facility in Gloucester County, New Jersey for reports of an active shooter.

Just after 8:30 this morning police began receiving 911 calls reporting an active shooter at the Birchcreek Road facility in Logan Township.

Officers and tactical teams arrived on scene and determined that there was no active shooter. Police now say that a man entered the building fired shots and took two hostages.

The man is now holding two women inside the building.

“UPS is working with law enforcement as they respond to an active shooter situation at one of the company’s supply chain processing facilities in Logan Township, New Jersey. We cannot provide information about the identity of people involved at this time.”, read a statement released by the company.