Happening Now: Trooper 4 Searching For Injured Hiker Near C & D Canal

St Georges – Rescue crews from the Delaware City Fire Company, along with New Castle County Paramedics and Trooper 4 have responded to the trail along the C and D Canal to search for a hiker that is suffering from an injury or medical condition.

Reports from the scene indicate that Trooper 4 is circling and searching for the man who is somewhere in the woods is in the woods.

Check back shortly. We will be updating this in real time.

Update: Trooper 4 has located the hiker and is directing ground crews through the muddy field.

Update: Ground crews, utilizing a Gator ( an ATV with a stretcher and medical gear) have traveled as far in as they can. Crews are now on foot.

Update: Crews have made contact with the patient.

Update: Command has asked Port Penn to respond to the scene with their amphibious vehicle, ARGO 29.

Update: Trooper 4 has landed and is preparing to hoist the patient once ground crews have packaged him in the Stokes basket.

Update: Change of plans, Trooper 4 has set down near the patient and will take the patient to a nearby ambulance.

Update: Trooper 4 has landed in the parking lot of Southern Elementary School. The patient has been transferred into an ambulance.