Just In: Three Firefighters Injured Battling New Castle House Fire

New Castle – At around 6:20 this morning firefighters from across New Castle County responded to the unit block of Bunker Hill Road, near New Castle County Airport, for a residential structure fire.

While en route, firefighters learned that New Castle County Police were on scene and reporting that smoke was showing from the home.

Upon their arrival, crews confirmed to dispatch that smoke was showing from the home. As crews accessed the structure they reported that fire was coming from the rear basement window.

Crews then made their way into the home and began their attack. Several minutes after firefighters entered the home a Mayday was declared. Reports from the scene indicate that two firefighters were trapped in the basement for a short period of time.

The two firefighters were quickly rescued,  pulled from the home and treated by New Castle County Paramedics on scene. One of the firefighters was then transported to Christiana Hospital.

At around 8:30 Command reported that a third firefighter was transported to Christiana Hospital with a back injury.

DART is currently on scene providing buses to help keep firefighters warm and out of the bitter cold.

Crews remain on scene working to bring the fire scene under control.


Responding crews
31B4 33B8 34B1 8C2 ALS16 ALS27 CP101 CP104 CP105 CP109 EMS2 ENG15 ENG16 ENG18 ENG22 ENG23 ENG28 ENG9 FLDCOM1 G392 LAD12 LAD13 LAD17 LAD18 LAD28 M2A M7A MEDCOM N188 N223 N238 N238B N296 NA12 NA17 NB14 NB2 NB30 NC21 ND12 ND18 NE12 NE15 NE16 NE18 NE23 NE33 NE6 NE9 NL13 NL17 NL18 NL28 NR14 NRE12 NSQD15 NSQD23 NTSU18 NTW12 NV18 P2070 PA200 RES14 RES20 RES29 SFM29 STA14 STA18 STFREHAB1 TAC32