Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Capital School District Referendum

The Capital School District held a referendum vote Tuesday for its Capital and Operating Referendum expenses. Voters overwhelmingly voted in favor for all three issues on the ballot.

“This will allow the district to enter an exciting phase of constructing two new interconnected middle schools with enhancements, along with operating funds.”, read a post on the districts Facebook page.

We want to thank our families and community for their support. We look forward to starting this journey together and continue to work with our families to bring great improvements to Capital School District and the community.


1. Adding two new middle schools (1746 in Favor – 801 Against)

Appropriate alignment of grade levels which follows best practices – Children start in an early childhood center (pre-K/K), then stay in elementary school through grade 5, move only once in middle school (6-8), and then graduate from high school (9-12).

Improves the capacity issues giving us the room we need now and in the future.

6th – 8th grade students at a single interconnected campus providing increased opportunities for programs, arts, athletics, and career exploration.
Greater impact of services and support for students to meet the needs of the whole child.

Students with complex needs and in special programs will attend school in an appropriate district-owned academic space.

2. Adding enhanced funding for those middle schools and funding to prepare Central for elementary school children. (1649 in Favor – 745 Against)

Students need access to modern technology and learning environments to be successful in tomorrow’s changing world.

Adding specialty spaces for visual and performing arts, career and technical education, science, and athletics.
Investing in energy saving enhancements to save taxpayer dollars.

Necessary property improvements including parking, stormwater management, road, and utility improvements.

Renovate Central to make it ready for grades 1 to 5.

3. Adding operating revenue. (1661 in Favor – 862 Against)

Addressing increased expenses in energy costs, general inflation, health care, instructional supplies, and maintenance of buildings.

Replacing outdated technology.

Recruiting and keeping the best staff for our children.