Happening Now: One Trapped In Townsend Concrete Plant, Rescue Underway

Townsend – Rescue crews from across New Castle County have responded to 734 Dexter Corner Road for what authorities are calling an industrial accident.

Crews en route were told that a person was trapped in machinery at the location.

Upon arrival, Townsend Command has reported that the patient is trapped between a belt and a concrete mixer and alerted the New Castle County High Angle Rescue Team.

Townsend Command has also requested the New Castle County Collapse Team.

The patient has reportedly suspended three stores off the ground.

Crews are on scene trying to free the patient from the machinery,

Trooper 4 has arrived on scene and will likely be utilized for transport.

Update: 7: 50 Patient freed from the machinery.

Update: 8:15 Patient has been brought to the ground level. Crews are working to package the patient for transport.

Update: Medics in communication with doctors at Christiana Hospital’s Trauma Center.

Update: 8:25 Trooper 4 has lifted off and is en route to the trauma center with the patient.

Responding crews: ALS11 ALS12 ALS13 ALS25 EMS1 EMS3 M5A N158B N268 N298C NB26 ND10 NE26 NHACSR1 ?NHACSR11 NR14 NRE26 NSO200 NSO201 NSO203 NSO301 NSO400 NSO508 NSQD26 NTSU15 NTW12 NUSAR13 P2060 STA13 STA26 TPR4