CSX Asked DelDOT For Assistance In Closing The Casho Mill Train Bridge In October 2018

In 2018 CSX met with DelDOT to discuss the closing of a section of road that thousands of Newark-Area divers use every day.

It’s not clear exactly what Derek Mihaly, a project manager for CSX, discussed at DelDOT employees at a “Project Status Meeting” held on October 24, 2018, at DelDOT’s Administration Building, however, a letter just released by the City of Newark reveals that the closure of the Casho Mill underpass was one of the topics discussed.

“Reference is made to our discussion during the Project Status Meeting held on October 24, 2018, at DelDOT’s Administration Building regarding the subject crossing.
As discussed, CSXT requests DelDOT’s approval / assistance in closing the under grade crossing where Casho Mill Rd crosses under CSXT’s right-of-way in the City of Newark. Closing crossings is a priority for CSX, and due to serious safety concerns regarding substandard vertical and horizontal clearances at this location and coupled with low volume of vehicular traffic, CSX believes this to be an excellent candidate for closure.”,  Mihaly stated in his letter to DelDOT’s Railroad Engineer/Program Manager Robert Perrine dated July 1, 2019.

“CSX is prepared to barricade and fill the underpass once it has received approval to do so. We appreciate DelDOT’s assistance in elevating this matter and look forward to receiving approval soon.”, added Mihaly.

A memo dated July 15, 2019, was released by the City of Newark shows that the officials with the city not in favor of the proposed closure.

“DelDOT has provided us with a copy of a letter they received from CSX requesting DelDOT’s approval/assistance to close the tunnel on Casho Mill Road. DelDOT has expressed opposition to CSX’s request and we believe it would be in the best interest of the City to take an active role in opposition to the closure request. At this time we are looking for feedback and discussion with Council on their desired path forward.”, read the memo.

in his letter, Mihaly cited low volume of vehicular traffic as one of the factors in his recommendation. Below are the 2018 Annual Average Daily Traffic for Casho Mill.



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