Wilmington’s Newest Police Officers Take Their Oath Of Office

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki and Police Chief Robert Tracy today participated in a graduation ceremony marking the completion of the 99th Wilmington Police Academy, which began in March. The ceremony was held at the Chase Center on the Riverfront for family, friends, and supporters of the 32 new police officers.

The new Wilmington Police officers are: Kyle Adams; Troy Benson; Andr ew Bonvetti; Andrew Brady; Beau Callery; Michael Chambers; Christopher Dunlap; Connor Fawzi; Rashann Grady; Jennifer Harmon; Alan Hribal; Osha Hudson; Michael Kline; Anthony Lerro; Shayne Linkhorst; Harry Mann; Jacquelyn Marcone; Brendan Marshall; Lawrence Matic; John McKeever; Joshua Meese; Colin Osler; Thomas Rittenhouse; Raphael Rivera; Jackson Rosembert; Zachary Rumford; Addison Simpier; Jacob Smith; Avery Stewart; Brian Tibbits; Luis Vazquez; and Lavette Williams

During his remarks today to the graduates, Mayor Purzycki welcomed the new officers to the “Wilmington family” and a police department that aspires to be counted among the very best in the nation. “It is my belief that for our city government to become great, and for Wilmington to take its place among the very best cities in the nation, then all of our employees must be a part of an undivided whole…committed to excellence in everything we do,” said the Mayor.

Chief Tracy spoke about the intensive training that the new officers have received, and about the opportunity, they have been given to join the ranks of the Wilmington Police Department.

“You’ve been trained in cutting-edge policing, investigative and intelligence strategies – the same strategies that our department has embraced, and which have led to remarkable reductions in violent crime in Wilmington,” Chief Tracy said. “We’ve seen the effects of these strategies, and we’ve also seen a great deal of interest in our academies.”

Chief Tracy highlighted the rigorous training that the recruits have undergone, and the thorough preparation they have received through the academy. Beyond training and educational programming around the fundamental principles, procedures and techniques of law enforcement, the new officers also learned about the tenets of community policing, cultural diversity, police legitimacy and leadership – key components to the departmental strategy of fostering strong relationships with the community.

Graduates who received special recognition today for extraordinary accomplishments during the 99t h Police Academy include: Michael Kline received the Chief’s Trophy; Colin Osler received The Attorney General’s Award; Michael Kline received the Lou Ghecas Meritorious Award; Raphael Rivera received the Lt. James A. Diana Award; Colin Osler< /b> received the Academic Excellence Award; Alan Hriba l received the Physical Fitness Award; and Joshua Meese received the Top Marksmanship Award.

Officer Erik Thomas, who graduated in June 2018 from the 98th Wilmington Police Academy, received the Leonard Kittner Award at today’s ceremony.