Police: Remains Found At Smyrna Ball Field Believed To Be Small Child

Smyrna Police have confirmed that human remains were located yesterday afternoon in the area of the Little Lass fields.

Officials said that It is believed that the remains are that of a child and they believe that the child was less than 10 years of age.

Police are withholding details surrounding the investigation to preserve the integrity of the investigation, officials said Saturday.

Authorities added that the investigation is ongoing and police activity will continue in the area.

Any persons with possible information are urged to contact Det/Sgt Brien Street at 302-653-9217.

Breaking Report

Smyrna Police are investigating possible humans remains found near the Little Lass softball fields.

At around 4:30 yesterday afternoon residents of Clayton and Smyrna began reporting that the State Police helicopter was over the Little Lass softball field complex in Smyrna. Minutes later members of the Little Lass softball league began reporting that police had cordoned off the Little Lass Fields on Duck Creek Parkway with yellow police tape.

As a result of the closure, the league sent out the following message.

“Complex is CLOSED. No practices, lessons or anything. There is a police matter that is being handled. Please remain away from the complex until further notice. Thank you”


Shortly after we posted that information on our Facebook page officials confirmed that Smyrna Police were investigating possible human remains located near the Little Lass Fields.

Officials from medical examiner’s office, the Attorney General’s office, and the State fire marshal’s office were also on scene helping with the investigation, officials said.