Ceiling Collapses At Brandywine Target, Shoppers Quickly Exit

At around 10:00 this morning firefighters from the Talleyville Fire Company were called to the Target at the Brandywine Town Center for reports if a water main break.

Initial reports from the scene indicated that the ceiling began to collapse and then water started pouring down into the store.

One shopper, Jonas Raab, said he and his family heard a loud boom and then rushing water before the ceiling collapsed.

“As we were quickly exiting the store we could hear more commotion. It was pretty scary.”, said Raab.

An employee that answered the phone on Wednesday morning confirmed that the ceiling did collapse sending water throughout the store.

The store has been closed while repair crews evaluate and make needed repairs, said the employee.

Social media reports indicate that neighboring stores may be affected by the flooding as well.

No injuries have been reported.