Did You Know That Delaware Trooper Uniforms Change With The Seasons?

Since the 1950s, members of the DSP have worn uniforms more similar to the state’s colors of “blue and gold”. In the past, DSP used military-type colors of navy and green.

The most distinctive uniform is the “Class A Dress” uniform consisting of a navy blue military dress coat with French blue shoulder epaulets and sleeve cuffs. The long sleeve uniform shirt is French blue in color with a navy blue tie. The DSP patch with bears the great seal of Delaware is worn on the left arm of all uniform items. The trooper’s rank is worn on both sleeves. The trooper’s years of service “hash-marks” are worn on the lower part of the left arm. The trooper’s badge is worn over the left pocket and the nameplate, along with any awards, over the right pocket. A matching French blue color trouser with a 2-inch gold stripe on the legs is worn with black leather knee-high riding boots. This was the standard everyday uniform in the past. However, it is now worn for special events only.

The standard winter uniform, worn between November and April, is the same as the “Class A Dress” uniform, except that the military dress coat is replaced with a standard patrol jacket. The knee-high boots are replaced with shoes, however, some troopers still wear the boots.

The standard summer uniform, worn between April and November, is the same as the winter uniform, except the long sleeve shirt is replaced with a short sleeve shirt and it is worn without the tie. During the summer months the color of the uniform trouser changes from French blue to navy blue with the same 2-inch gold stripe.

DSP troopers wear a navy blue campaign hat with the state seal. Prior to the 1950s, they wore a tan cavalry-style hat like those worn by Maryland troopers.

Troopers holding the rank of lieutenant and above wear gold badges, nameplates, and collar rank. They are also permitted to wear a white color shirt in place of the French blue shirt, but this has fallen out of practice in recent years.

The DSP duty belt is Gould & Goodrich plain black leather with a Safariland “raptor level-3” holster. The ammo pouch, OC spray holder, and handcuff case have silver snaps (gold for lieutenant and above). The portable radio and ASP baton is also worn on the duty belt. A shoulder strap is used with the “Class A Dress” uniform, otherwise standard belt keepers are used. It is DSP policy that all duty belts are to be worn the same way, so troopers can not remove or add any equipment to the duty belt.