Driver Cited After Driving Over Fire Hose In Newark

On Thursday evening crews from Newark’s Aetna Hose, Hook, and Ladder were dispatched to a gas leak inside a multi-residential structure in the 400 block of Wollaston Ave.

As part of their operation, they deployed a large diameter supply hose from a fire hydrant to the fire engine in order to ensure that they had enough water if needed. Gas leaks have the explosive potential to cause even greater damage than a structure fire and, as a result, they take the same precaution of establishing a water supply, said Deputy Chief Jeff Sands.

As crews worked the incident a driver drove over our supply hose in an attempt to pass the fire trucks that were positioned near the building and blocking the roadway. Not only were two sections of supply hose destroyed, the vehicle that drove over the hose was also damaged.

The gas leak was minor and was quickly controlled but had it been worse, our crews would have been in danger without a water supply, said Sands.

One of the tasks crucial to the successful outcome of a fire incident is to establish a continuous water supply. Our fire engines carry 750 gallons of water which can last less than 5 minutes during a firefight.

The driver was cited by Newark Delaware Police Department and over $1,400 of new supply hose will need to be purchased to replace what was damaged.

DrivingĀ over a fire hose at a fire scene places firefighters in danger, will damage your vehicle, and is illegal.