Happening Now: High-Angle Rescue Underway In Wilmington Cooling Tower

Rescue crews from the Brandywine Hundred Fire Company along with New Castle County High-Angle Rescue Team have responded to the 100 block of Hay Road for reports of a subject not alert.

Crews on scene are reporting that the patient is lying approximately 30 feet above ground level inside the cooling tower.

Crews are setting up to make access to the patient at this time.

Medical crews have made access to the patient. Crews setting up to lower the patient to the ground.

Trooper 4 has arrived on scend and is hovering overhead.

Command is reporting that the helicopter will be used for transport.

Trooper 4 is landing at the scene.

The patient is being readied and will be placed in a basket. Crews rigging their gear now.

Medics have been told to stand by. The patient will be lowered shortly.

Patient being lowered now.

Patient is on the ground. Medics, to include Trooper 4’s medic have made contact with the patient.

All crews have cleared the cooling tower.

Ambulance arrival at the helicopter landing zone.

Medics reporting that the patient is now awake and alert. He is en route the Christina Hospital via Trooper 4.