National Guard, Army Corps of Engineers Inspect Facilities For Alternate Care Facilities

The Delaware National Guard assisted the Delaware Emergency Management Agency along with representatives from the Philadelphia District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers​, visited sites in all three counties which could potentially be used as Alternate Care Facilities.

“What we’re trying to do is, as hospitals are dealing with (COVID-19) infected patients, we’re making sure we have facilities for patients that still need care, but are free from infection,” said Capt. Joseph Kupina, Delaware National Guard Medical Officer assisting DEMA. “We’re working with the Army Corps of Engineers, determining what they can provide and if we are able to meet medical requirements.”

Such facilities, if required, could be used for stable, non-COVID-19 patients in order to reduce potential surge burden on hospitals. This would allow hospital staff to focus on the most critically ill patients.

While DEMA is the lead agency in the State’s response efforts, the DNG and Army Corps of Engineers have subject matter experts with decades of experience from the civilian sector.

“I’ve spent my entire career in public health, and the Army Public Health Center,” said Kupina. “It’s nice to know I can utilize all of my expertise to support this mission and make sure the medical needs of Delaware citizens are taken care of.”

This is just one of many initiatives currently underway in the state involving local, county, state, and federal partners.

See photos of the visit here