Delaware COVID-19 Death Toll Rises To 11 As Cases Top 200K In US

The state is reporting that there have been 368 total laboratory-confirmed cases in the state since March 11.  Of the Delawareans diagnosed with COVID-19, 226 are from New Castle County, 41 are from Kent County, and 101 are from Sussex County. The total number of positive cases represents a cumulative total of cases, including individuals who are currently ill, those who are considered “recovered,” (49) and eleven deceased individuals.

Patients are considered fully recovered seven days after the resolution of their symptoms (three days after symptoms resolve, they are no longer required to self-isolate at home; however, they must continue to practice extreme social distancing for the remaining four days).

The individuals range in age from 1 to 90 (a statewide age range breakdown is available at Fifty-one individuals are currently hospitalized. The source of exposure for many of these positive cases is unknown, which indicates community spread of the virus is occurring in the state.

The total number of positive cases reported in the U.S. has reached 206,207. This includes 4,542 deaths and 8,413 patients recovered.

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